Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Activists and media hesitant to call attack a hate crime

Disturbing images broadcast from Chicago earlier this month via FaceBook Live when 4 Black teenagers taped their torture of  a mentally challenged White teen.
The boy was kidnapped, gagged, burned and cut repeatedly. Through out the attack the perpetrators uttered anti-White epithets and insults.

Most politicians condemned it as the hate crime that it was, including prominent Black leaders like President Obama. At the same time it's sad that some otherwise well-meaning social justice advocates and media commentators shy away from calling this crime what it was: an act of hate against both the disabled and a White person. It's as if they are possessive over who can be the recipient of hate, and who can only be the perpetrator.

Hate crime legislation was originally enacted to protect society's most vulnerable citizens. However that does not preclude a minority from committing an act of hate, not does it disqualify a targeted attack against a white person as a hate crime.

Make no mistake, condemning an attack on a mentally disabled young man is not a conservative rallying call, but rather human compassion.

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