Thursday, March 27, 2014

Armenian Genocide Museum in limbo

History has not been always kind to the Armenian nation and its people. Often oblivious to international history, few Americans know of the massacres that occurred against Armenians in their homeland during and following World War I.

The Armenian Genocide Museum means to change that. A site is proposed for the museum, to be located just 2 blocks from the White House. However infighting among developers has stalled progress, properties bought for the museum remain empty, and the museum remains an idea on paper.

Here we have a project in the heart of Washington DC with the power to open the minds of visitors from all over the US, all over the world in fact, to the wrongs inflicted on the Armenian people. But a century after the massacres, the very project intended to educate the masses is stalled due to egos, cat fights, and competing visions. Too often, parties lose sight of the larger picture in these skirmishes. Considering the millions of dollars that have already been spent on to plan this project and to acquire properties, it's time to put differences aside. Otherwise the museum is nothing but someone's grand, but unrealized vision.

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